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April 22, 2022

If You Own a Boat in Washington State, You Don’t Want to Miss this Deadline

As springtime winds along into summer, boat owners are gearing up to put their boats back in the water for the warm weather months. For many, this means doing annual maintenance to keep the boat in good running condition and to ensure that it is safe and ready to use for the summer. It is also the time of year when all of you boat owners out there need to renew your boat and trailer tags in Washington State. FastCarTags serves any address in Washington State, helping you to renew your car and boat tags and tabs. Today, we wanted to discuss some tips for getting your boat ready for the summer.

5 Tips for Getting Your Boat Ready for summer

As you prepare your boat and trailer for the warm weather, make sure that you consider these five things to set yourself up for a successful summer on the water!

1) Clean the Interior of the Boat and Check Your Trailer

Starting the season with a clean boat always makes for a better summer. Be sure to clean your boat and check all of the systems. Do the same with your trailer.

2) Change the Oil & Other Fluids

Changing your oil and fuel filter, as well as topping off your other fluids such as power steering fluid and transmission oil ensures proper functionality of your boat.

3) Check the Battery

It’s important to check that the battery to make sure it is fully charged so that you don’t end up stuck out on the water.

4) Repaint and Wax

There is nothing wrong with taking some pride in the appearance of your boat. Give your boat a fresh coat of paint for the new season and a fresh coat of wax on top to help it last longer. Ensure that your trailer is protected and looks the way you want as well.

5) Renew Your Boat and Trailer Tabs in Time

Lastly, make sure that you register your boat in Washington State. The deadline to renew your boat tags is June 30th, 2022. Once your boat and trailer tabs are up-to-date and your boat is registered, it will be legal for you to put it on the water and enjoy your summer in Washington State!

Don’t miss the deadline, renew your boat tabs today! Instead of waiting until the last minute and stressing out about renewing your boat and trailer tabs, use fastcartags.com to do it quickly, easily, and well before the deadline. Getting instant boat tabs online is quick and easy. Your boat tabs can be mailed to you as soon as the next business day or instantly ready for pick up at our offices with no waiting in line at 2232 NW Market, Seattle 98107. We are open until 6 - 6 days a week for your convenience. Get fast boat tabs today so that you can get on the water and back to enjoying life in beautfiul Washington State!

And don't forget to renew your car or truck tabs so that you are all set to haul your boat and trailer to your favorite Washington State destination to enjoy summer in the Great Northwest. Also available 24 x 7 at fastcartags.com.

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March 7, 2022

The Importance of Google Reviews for Fast Car Tabs at Ballard Licensing

When it comes to having a business, there is a multitude of things that every owner needs to ensure that we are taking care of. Beyond normal logistics and normal operations, it’s important to make sure we’re paying close attention to our digital presence. In terms of doing business in this day and age, if we don’t exist online, we may as well not exist at all. Especially when it comes to a presence on Google. And while there are many ways of being present on Google, one of the most important ways is through your reviews! Knowing that reviews are important is one thing, but knowing why they’re important to us is another. Read below how getting positive reviews on Google can help us at Fast Car Tabs at Ballard Licensing grow and thrive.

How Google Reviews Can Help Our Business

Boosts Our Online Ranking

Ranking highly on Google is the goal of every SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing plan. One of the many ways for us to earn higher rankings on Google is to have good reviews. When Google can see that customers like you, like our service, Google is more likely to show us to those who are also searching for what it is that we have to offer, which is helping you renew your car tabs quickly and easily!

Establishes Trust Consumers have the ability to do their research on where they’re spending more now than ever and reviews are one of the tools they use to make purchasing decisions. With great ratings and raving reviews about our business, they have the opportunity to get an idea of how well we take care of our customers. Helps Us Hear You

One of the most valuable advantages of gaining Google reviews is hearing from customers like you! Reviews can help us learn how to improve your experience the next time you are getting your instant car tabs with us. We love hearing from you and want to make sure that we leave you with an incredible experience when you visit us.

Ensuring that we’re getting great reviews is important to make sure our business is trusted by consumers, therefore helping us to continue to garner respect and most importantly, more new

customers who need to renew their vehicle tabs. Just like any other business, we would love and appreciate it if you could leave us a review on Google. Let us and others know about your experience and help us build the trust we work to have with every customer!


November 3, 2021

Renewing Car Tags for Multiple Vehicles

How Do You Renew Car Tags for Multiple Vehicles?
Registering a vehicle is never a fun process. You need to visit the Washing State Department of Licensing (DOL) and fill out a series of paperwork. If you have multiple vehicles, this just means that you have to do more work. FastCarTabs, which is part of Ballard Licensing, is an online resource that you can use to register or renew your car tabs quickly and easily online, from the comfort of your own home. We are an official Washington State DOL sub agency here to help you save time. Did you know that you can renew your car tags for multiple vehicles at once?

Express Car Tabs for Your Whole Fleet

Does your business operate with multiple vehicles? If so, then you will need to renew the tabs for all of the vehicles that you own. Fortunately, you can renew an entire fleet of vehicles all at once! This will make things easier for you, and will give you the peace of mind that every vehicle in your fleet has renewed tabs. You can learn more about the Fleet Account Program through the Washington State DOL. Fleets can consist of passenger vehicles, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, and even motor homes, with the option of a regular fleet of 5-49 vehicles or a permanent fleet of 50 or more vehicles. Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with the latest information about car tabs!

How does the Instant Car Tabs Process Work?

The process of getting instant car tabs online is very simple. You can get started with a renewal for either car or boat tabs. You simply follow the renewal process from our website, fill out the registration information for your vehicle, and you will get your tabs as quickly as the next day. The tabs will either be mailed to your address in Washington State, or you can pick them up from our office six days a week. The old adage of "waiting in line at the DMV" doesn't have to apply to you or your Washing State vehicle registration with fast car tabs online.

Renew Your Car Tabs

Looking to renew the tabs on your car or even multiple vehicles? FastCarTabs is here to help! Renew your car tabs today quickly and easily, keeping up with WA State law. If your business uses multiple vehicles, chances are you are very busy and don't have time to stress about your car tabs. Getting instant car tabs online is both fast and easy and helps you to keep your whole fleet in motion. Save time and get on with your life by getting express car tabs online today!


August 4, 2021

The Top 3 Benefits of Instant Car Tabs in WA State

What are the Benefits of Instant Car Tabs in Washington State?

Let's face it: registering your vehicle is never fun. You have to wait in line at the DOL, which can sometimes take hours. While it might never be a fun process, it doesn't have to be a difficult process either. This is where instant car tabs can really make your life easier. FastCarTabs is part of Ballard Licensing, and we are an official Washington State Department of Licensing sub agency. Let's take a look at some of the wonderful benefits of renewing your WA car registration tabs right here online.

No Waiting

You have important things to do and don't have time to wait around. At FastCarTabs, we understand that and respect your time. Getting your car tabs online is quicker, easier, and stress-free. You can either have them mailed to our office and pick them up anytime without waiting, or have them mailed right to your house. When you order them online, it will make your life much easier! Learn more about the services that we offer.

Stay Compliant

Your tabs will expire every year, and so you will need to renew them every year in order to be in compliance with WA State law. Getting instant car tabs will make your annual renewal process easy while keeping you compliant. According to the Washington State Department of Licensing, you will want to update your address if you have recently moved. This will make sure the new tabs that you get accurately reflect your new address. If you are new to Washington State, welcome! FastCarTabs proudly offers services to help people who have recently moved to our beautiful state, making their move easier helping them cross one more thing off of their list.

Safety First

As the world changes due to COVID-19, we are all still adjusting to a new normal. Health and safety is our primary concern for the people of WA State, which is an added benefit of fast car tabs. Stay home, stay safe, and order new tabs right online from the comfort and safety of your own home. If you know anything about us, it's that we want to help make the renewal process smooth and easy for you so that you can get on with your life.

Renew Your Tabs Today

Ready to get started? Renew your car tabs today! You don't need to stress about renewing your tabs, you have enough going on in your busy life already. Getting instant car tabs online is quick and easy, it helps you stay compliant by having an up-to-date registration, and it allows you to renew safely from your own home. Get your fast car tabs today and get on with your life!


August 1, 2021

This is the first post on our new blog page.

Fast car tabs at Ballard Licensing means that you get fast, instant and express car and boat registration 24/7 online and 6 days a week at our office. We are open until 6-6 days a week and serve any address in Washington State.

Renew online and get your tabs as soon as the next business day for any address in WA State.


Renew online and pick up your tabs in our office—no waiting

You may of course come on in for car registration, titles, quick titles, notaries and more!

Below is a recent Google review

"It's hardly ever I'd leave a review... But excellent service deserves recognition! An individual named Fred was so kind and attentive, and made sure I had everything I needed. (I didn't and he caught it for me!)

Fred, you're A+, and appreciate you! :)

Plus, didn't realize that this was a small business, not state. Therefore I got a great experience AND supported local business! Win win!"

Renew your washington State car tabs at fastcartabs.com today!

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